LDS Church History
1830 - 1904
Written, Compiled or Analyzed by Perry L. Porter


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FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Profiles a Religion That Is One of the Great Neglected American Narratives.

Read get more on this at Mormonism.TV a new site for Mormonism - Issues, Rated, Annotated, Timely, Equitably.

A more accurate perspective on how the Mormons experienced crossing the plains. This is not the typical version of Mormon Church History.

White-washing Mormon Church History, my perspective after 20 years. Particularly the "Manuscript History of Brigham Young 1846 - 1847" and OD1 (Official Declaration 1) also known as the Wilford Woodruff Manifesto of 1890.

When was Root beer invented?  What does that have to do with Mormonism, other than that J Willard Marriott first got stated with fast food A&W drive-in's in Washington DC?  The old rumor was that if you looked at some old cans of A&W root beer you will see that the A stood for Alice and Willard Marriott. That part is not true, even thought I kind of remember seeing that with my own eyes.

How about a quiz, who is this early pioneer?

Is "Translated" the correct word for how Joseph Smith produced the Book of Mormon?

Where are the Book of Mormon lands? This reprint from DOUBLETAKE SPRING 1999, is critical look stating that "This Is Not the Place".

When it comes to Adam God, most of Mormonism believes, if not uses the excuse that Brigham Young was probably misquoted the 2 or 3 times that President Young referred to Adam as being "our Father and our God and the only God with which we have to do".  Thanks to someone else's research and _MY_ time and effort formatting, here are more quotes on Adam God, by the brethren, than I ever imagined had been uttered from the pulpit in Salt Lake City.  First take a guess as to how many Adam God quotes there were 3, 10, or 23, then go read all the Adam God quotes for yourself.

Transubstantiation in the 1852 Italian Book of Mormon, a humorous translating or printing error.

The second coming of Christ to Jackson County Missouri and whom owns what.

Some notes on Fort Bridger just 6 miles from where I lived until age 15.

The LDS Adam-God Sources web site contains links to Testimony "Friendly", Testimony "Neutral" as well as Testimony "Hostile" sources regarding Adam-God.


I have recently had a very forceful Epiphany, a major paradigm shift, yea even a transient change of heart! See Disclaimer.

Polygamy covers this same time period in Mormonism from 1831 to 1904 give or take a few years or wives as does

Those " Polygamy Central " web pages are linked to below.

Plural Marriage, a more unbiased look:

1990 - 2020

LDS Church History
1830 - 1904

(Fundementaly Mormon)

LDS Church History
1830 - 1904

(2nd Manifesto to Temple changes)

Mormon History
1990 - 2020

(Temple Penalty Changs to today)

Mormon Church History
Polygamy Central

(1831 - 1904)

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"The chronicler of important events should not be deprived of his individuality; but if he willfully disregards the truth, no matter what his standing may be, or how greatly he may be respected, he should be avoided.  No historian has the right to make his prejudices paramount to the facts he should record.

For such a writer, to record as truth that which is false, and to palm off as facts that which is fiction, degrades himself, insults his readers and outrages his profession."

                              - Joseph Fielding Smith Jr. (1906)

Note: Joseph Fielding Smith Jr. was Sustained as Assistant Church Historian 8 April 1906.

Assistance Church Historian at age 30, ordained an apostle 4 years later.  Sustained as Church Historian in 1921 and remained  Church Historian for 49 years.  Released as Church Historian when he became President of the Church in 1970.

Joseph Fielding Smith Jr. was the LDS Church Historian for more then twice as long as any other Church Historian, and was the only Church Historian to be a concurrent member of the First Presidency.





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I have recently had a very forceful Epiphany, a major paradigm shift, yea even a change of heart! See Disclaimer.

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